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Car Wash Services

We here at Al's Car Wash rake pride in providing the best service possible. Taking a classic approach to cleaning your car yeilds the best results.
Dirt Road Package
Full service wash, wheel well chemical pressure cleaning, door jamb chemical pressure cleaning, rim cleaner, under body rinse, entire interior wiped down with cleaner, air freshener & rubber floor mats cleaned.



oversized add $6

The Best
Triple foam polish, clear coat protectant, poly sealant, undercarriage wash, rust inhibitor, rim cleaner, tire dressing, air freshener & soft cloth wash.



Wheel Express
Clear coat protectant, poly sealant, undercarriage wash, rim cleaner, tire dressing & soft cloth wash.



Basic Wash, Vacuum & Windows
Vacuuming, window cleaning & soft cloth wash.



oversized add $3-5

Express Service

Giving the sweetest car washes around is easy when you have sixty years of combined experience.Quality is a certainty when you come to Al's!

Car Wash Services

    Dirt Road Packagestarts @ $43.99
    The Best Wash$27.99
    Wheel Express Wash$24.99
    Basic Wash, Vac & Windows$20.99
    Exterior (The Best)$15.50
    Exterior (Wheel Express)$13.50
    Rain-X Windshield $4.00
    Dash Dressing $5.00
    Dash & Sides Dressing$10.00
    Exterior Trim Dressing $4-$15
    Wheel well Cleaning $4-$8
    Truck Vacuum $3-$6
    Mud Removal $3-$15